Strong  and concrete ambition to develop higher quality products that combine aesthetic, technical and ecological, able to improve the material properties and extend the functionality and beauty; optimizing tire grip and increase the security and control of vehicles; with specific advantages for our customers; with specific benefits economics too, to Blacktraction’ s customers:

  • save you renewing and maintaining the as long as possible originality of materials
  • preserve / enhance the economic, historical or affective value of cars, motorcycles and accessories, including historical ones, maintaining originality, functionality and original aesthetic and functional beauty
  • solve more problems with one product
  • reduce costs and time for the long-term maintenance
  • improving appearance and presented in the best possible condition used goods, to be sold or storing
  • facilitate work and increase: the profits / savings of our dealers and private customers
  • increase/favoring profits and savings to our customers traders or private
  • increase road safety by improving the adherence / grip of the tires and driving aids (ABS)
  • help win races and championships in track motorsports
  • renew and maintain consistent the elasticity characteristics of synthetic rubber
  • renew and improve the quality of many types of materials to prolong the life and use, delaying replacement for aesthetic and technical reasons
  • save compared to the replacement of parts and accessories, without sacrificing safety and aesthetic beauty
  • ecologically keeping more help along in excellent condition purchased goods, and allowing to reduce production (polluting) accessories.
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