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Marco Cisolla, owner Blacktraction, it’ s very known and wanted by maintenance workers and traders of cars, motorcycles, trucks, motor homes and caravans used to improve appearance of the means retaining the originality, with long lasting effect; in the track competitions of cars and byke.
For 35 years he has worked with many teams to improve the grip and the tire performance; initially as a pilot and then as a technician for the assets. The insights of creative techniques and innovative immediately implemented and perfected over time (through knowing of effect of individual components), have enriched the knowledge that has allowed us to create innovative blends with excellent results in many areas.
The Blacktraction born after the recognition of the international industrial invention patent, with a line of innovative and unique products available to the technical and all, to renew, protect and enhance the structural characteristics of many materials with the purpose of use intended to improve technical, aesthetic, and to increase road safety, active through the increasing grip of tires.


The products of  Mark have been used and are still in use around the world and across all categories at 4 and 2 wheels, from go karts to Formula 1.  Since 2010 it ‘s commitment to improve the performance of the tires has been extended in all categories of motorcycles (from minibikes, the Italian league history, motard, speed Italian championship, the world’s moto 2 and super bike, with success in national and international championships.

The BLACKTRACTION is a handmade Italian company that creates and produces high quality products, which has chosen not to be certified ISO 9001 TUV either because issue certificates are not indicative of effectiveness and quality of products in general, and not recognized to be able to replace the state organs national and international control officers of compliance with legal provisions on occupational safety.

BLACKTRACTION is documented by videos of the evidence and impact resistance (that no competitor can not document) and the continued increase in specialized operators who choose to use them.

Marco’ s history experiences:
  • first motorcycle in 4 years old and the second at 7
  • races with radio-controlled cars to bursting aged 7 to 13 (and even now sometimes …);
  • racing go karts in 13 to 20 years;
  • racing car up to 23 years;
  • A few years of sporadic collaborations with the team and then another seven years technician to set up;
  • and after 22 years of collaboration to increase the grip of the tires with teams in the specialties of racing on the track, to car and motorcycle world competitions (F. Opel, F. 3, F3000, GP 2, F1, GT; moto 2 world championship, stock 600 and 1000, in  super sport and Malossi, CIV),on the best level in the world.

A life spent in racing with great passion, meeting great people to learn so much, and with which he was born an intense relationship of respect and friendship.

So much humility and the crisis needed to understand, to learn and improve without ever giving up, facing challenges apparently impossible continuing to to chase dreams even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, to help achieve many victories, titles, increase security road and the knowledge required to make available to all unique products.

BLACKTRACTION is a registered trademark, and intellectual property patent it’ s Marco Cisolla.
I thank the staff for the trust, that with specific requests they gave the start to evolution and improve to Blacktraction’s products.
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