In competitions are tested and developed technological innovations that subsequently equip cars and road bikes (ABS, ESP, engine, suspension, tires, oils, fuels, additives, aerodynamics, electronics, materials); and from competition are derived knowledge they have led to the creation of products Blacktraction.
They are born from experience gained by the founder of Blacktraction Cisolla Marco, in 35 years of living on track (starting at 6 years to compete with the radio-controlled cars and the first motorcycle), collaboration, evidence and knowledge gained in improving the performance of the tires, that are now available to all motorists to increase the grip, control and road safety, to prevent or reduce the violence of  and his consequences.

The telemetry tests with racing bikes during official practice, documenting the effectiveness of  blacktraction’s products application to racing tires, as the braking tests with cars and road bikes (see video).

The graph of telemetry shows the majority  load supported by the shock when Blacktraction has been applied to tires, compared to the lower range (indicating less load supported / loss of adhesion and subsequent recovery of grip), recorded using original tires (purple lines in below represent the compression of the shock absorber); more on tires with blacktraction, an indication that they could endure greater load without losing grip, allowing you to use more power and take the curve/corner at a higher speed.

Not all motorists and motorcyclists have the sensitivity to feel the effect of Blacktraction tire; But now everyone can benefit because reduces the braking distance.


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