RS to renew, clean and protect the original color.

RS WHITE to clean white plastic stained from aggressive agents absorbed.

RS BLACK to cover aesthetic imperferctions created from corrosive cleaners.

LG to shine, renew and maintain rubber.

The durability of effect and the multiple functions of the products Blacktraction, make them particularly appreciated and used by operators trading and renewal of campers, caravans, trailers and accessories for camping and garden furniture, and lovers of plein air , as they enable:
  • renew and protect the longest lasting effect
  • clean and waterproof
  • beautify and maintain

and maintain the originality of parts, garden furniture and objects:

  • plastic
  • painted resin
  • rubber (tires and gaskets)
  • PVC
  • aluminum and metals
  • tissues

with the longest duration of protection and currently possible than any competing product (see video comparison on site video).

Expensive property deserve a the respect to keep them beautiful and efficient, and protect them from degradation.

The strength and durability of effect Blacktraction product, allow their users to keep in excellent condition and appearance means, and save maintenance than more invasive and expensive, necessary when theintegrity and functionality of parties (not only aesthetics) is compromised by degradation.

Blacktraction to renew / maintain ‘grip tire is increasingly used also by the owners of camper because these vehicles are used only for short periods during the’ year … and the tires get older a lot before being consumed / exploited. L ‘application of blacktraction to maintain and renew the’ grip of the tire allows to save compared to the replacement of the same, and to keep the maximum rating of ‘efficiency. The carcass if it is not subject to deterioration during the ‘use is controlled and kept optimal pressure; the blends age even if the tires are not used.
From this fact comes the ‘importance and’ opportunity to save money without sacrificing security while maintaining the optimum ‘grip and’ efficiency of tires.
BLACKTRACTION and ATT to renew and maintain the best adherence as possible, for all the tires life (because the aging became if they are not used too), to have the best safety and saving.
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